Master was going to be away for a few days, he gave me permission to play with myself and have as many orgasms I wanted or needed whilst he was away – as long as I told him about them.
So Master I was remembering a car journey home that we had taken one time. Thinking about this my nipples were so hard and sensitive, I played with them pinching them like you do but not as hard as you do.
My pussy was aching so much and I was very restless and getting wet, I stroked my clit and slipped a finger just inside my pussy.
I thought of your fingers Master remembering how you had worked and rubbed me in the car, and of your mouth and tongue on my pussy earlier that morning, the feel of your teeth on my mound as I had cum.
I used my vibrator just on either side of my clit that place where your fingers and tongue make me lose it and I stroked myself as well as sliding my finger just in and out of my wet entrance.
I came thinking of you Master, thank you.