My inner self is waking!!

Although I knew I wanted to be dominated I didn't really understand that I was submissive - does that make sense?

Sir: That makes perfect sense to me – you have always felt that you needed it as an escape that allows you to visit your inner being but now you are finding that it is actually a bigger part of you than anything else – in fact it is you! You are only taking the first tiny steps (even though they feel like huge jumps!!) with me and I will “guide” you deeper into yourself and your submission but I will never crush you down as others have but will show your personal possibilities – you can already feel this to be true and crave it – don’t you little one?

So much.

I was going to write about my inner self and how hidden and protected she has been since I was small, how I'm ready to be me probably for the first time for a very long time, and you know these things - I love talking with you (as well as other 'stuff' with you). You make me feel peaceful (amongst other things, big smiles) and they say peace comes from within......