I expected gentler…

Friday wasn't really what I expected - I was expecting gentler – You expected gentler because we are new and you felt you needed to be held and looked after in a caring way – didn’t you?  Yes and because I associated teasing with gentler but now I know different and I like it .. You have that at home and so you came to me to be shown how you truly need to be looked after – didn’t you? Yes  

but it touched places in me that haven't been explored before and I was excited as I think you could tell...... I knew you would be excited as I first touched you and I’ve always said this isn’t just about sex or me fucking you – it is about your minds needs as it all started and will continue in your mind way before your body – I will “take” your mind, body and soul but only because you have and will offer them to me – you know that don’t you xx

Yes xx