Dominated with pleasure…

I always knew I wanted to be dominated in bed but usually ended up with someone who was happy to be dominant for his own pleasure, my pleasure always seemed to get swept by the wayside.  (Guess that's how I ended up with a complete control freak insecure monster.)

Sir: It is never easy to find ones future when we don’t even know what that might be ourselves – you have always been lead towards what you have felt have been strong people but in fact you have found them weak of soul and spirit – you have taken pleasure from their “use” of your body until you realise that it is all one way and that there wasn’t pleasure being given in return – I would guess that this is why you have hidden yourself away from your darker needs because you believed that even though you needed control and domination you couldn’t live when it wasn’t a symbiotic relationship of giving rather than taking – you already know you have felt everything you have always craved, even within the short time we have touched each other and therefor that you need to walk the path with me to grow – how does that make you feel?

vulnerable but for the right reasons and also more liberated, and thankful to be able to walk that path with you. You touched places within me - not just physically - that have never been touched before, it makes me gasp and feel very emotional but like I said for the right reasons x