Control & Submission

Control – the dictionary definition is ‘the power to influence or direct people’s behaviour;  authority, command, dominance, domination, mastery

Submission – the dictionary definition says ‘the action of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person’

Choosing to hand over control is not an easy decision especially when I have had to be so in control and independent for so many years.  I have always felt a deep need within me to be what I now know is submissive.  I’ve been searching for this in vain for most of my life ending up with the wrong person time and again, not really understanding where it was all going wrong.  With Master it’s been like the cliché of ‘finally having seen the light’.  When we began talking the things he was saying and how he understood what I was saying almost made me cry out loud “at last!”  It was such a relief and also a bit scary as I wasn’t looking for this to happen. 

Control is something that I as a submissive choose to give to Master.  My submission comes from my heart.  I need to give control to Master, I want to give it and it is given of my own free will.  Being submissive to Master, accepting his authority and control soothes my soul, frees my spirit, brings me balance and allows me to be my true self.

Being submissive to Master does not mean that I am submissive to anybody I AM NOT!  I am owned by Master, I wear his collar because I am his.  I show the world I belong to him by wearing his collar.