Between the sabbats


It has been a few months since my last blog.  Master and I are still happily together and i am growing stronger and more confident in my self and my submission.

Our daily lives are more settled and even though we do not live together my submission is 24/7.  We do not have an ordinary relationship , is there such a thing who knows.  My Master is married, she knows I am his submissive and we all care for each other. It was difficult at first as the situation was so far removed from anything I’d experienced before. There is also limited if any information to be found on these type of situations unless the wife is your “mistress” and the husband is your “master”.

My desire for pain which has always been present grows and with Masters care guidance and superevision brings new levels of pleasure to us both.

In my inner self I am so much calmer and stronger and this is reflected on my outer.

Master and I have agreed some I suppose you would call them rules, but it is not a contract. I am doing my best to remember them – one thing I have to do is blog about9207dfeacaed68ba0a48ee82a7b08ef4 our life at least once a month so more soon…SW xx