On my knees…

praying_by_nahuaconetlI love to be on my knees in front of Sir as he allows me to take his cock inside my mouth.  He is big and fills my mouth as completely as he does elsewhere. I love the taste and feel of him in my greedy little mouth.

At first it was difficult to take all of him into my mouth and that frustrated me as I wanted to please him.    

They say practice makes perfect and I’ve had the opportunity to practice on Sir a few times now (I look forward to more).  I enjoy the feeling of him inside my mouth pushing against the back of my throat.  Unfortunately I keep forgetting to breathe so that causes some gagging and choking – sorry sir – he says that he doesn’t mind this as it means I’m trying.  Even so I’m determined to persevere.  I love his hands on my head teaching me the speed and rhythm that he likes and what will please him best.

I’m learning how to take him deeper each time, slowly getting to grips with breathing whilst swallowing his cock and learning how to open my throat, when to breathe, when to suck and when to just let him slide slowly and silkily into my mouth, yum..

I so want to feel his juices flooding my mouth and down my throat, to take him into me and give him as much pleasure as I can. 

I usually end up with tears in my eyes after ‘practicing’ but they are tears of happiness and enjoyment definitely not sadness.