Bottom Time


Today Sir started my initiation into ‘bottom time’.  He bent me over and entered my bottom from behind.  There was an initial shock and sharp pain that made me gasp, Sir was very gentle with me and thrust into me slowly but surely a little at a time. I was surprised by how sexy it felt, how turned on and wet I was becoming.

Looking Sir in the eyes as he moves inside me there makes me feel a connection with him, I can see his pleasure and it pleases me a lot that I can give him that.  I feel emotionally quivery (is that a word, it is now), open and exposed I suppose vulnerable in that someone can see into me as deeply as he does.  Sir knows me and knows that he can guide me in this; the fact that he can “see” this also makes me feel cared for, special and protected.

Later he takes me on the bed and slides into my bottom again and I start to feel the pleasure that is to be had from this position, not completely as it still physically hurts but I see the possibilities…..

Session 2 – I’ve tightened up again and it hurts as Sir enters my backside, sore but pleasant.  This time as he works his way into me and then begins to thrust I can feel the pleasure start to grow, Sir speeds up some and then Oh my gosh I GET IT, oh gosh do I get it, I finally understand the pleasure to be had from Sir taking me this way, I look at him and tell him, I see the pleasure in his face and that takes me higher.  Thankyou Sir, I feel exhilarated, excited, happy and very turned on.