The yellow handbag

A lovely day today.  Christine & I went to The Changing Room in Episkopi. After dropping her off I had a text from Master to go round and have a cup of tea with him & C,  & to pick up the knives they had got for me. First reaction was can I just run in and out. I think I worry that me being around upsets C even though Master has told me it doesn’t & that she enjoys my company.  Today that finally sank in a bit with me. It was very nice & relaxed, we all chatted and I could see I was welcome not that I haven’t been before but I think I myself relaxed more.

I was a bit cheeky to Master, i’m not sure how to act towards him when there is the 3 of us & i end up cheeking him a little which isn’t okay.  Conversation needed…must try & remember on Monday after my 10 (although that may be 12 by now) doh!

I thought this afternoon I really like Master, sometimes I think he’s really sweet but heaven forbid I’d never tell him that I’m not sure he’d like it although he did say it was okay I call him cute just not in public. Anyway this is my diary and I can write anything here. …we’re  all going out together Wednesday evening which i’m looking forward to.  (I still can’t get over how horny he makes me all the time – its not all about the sex by any stretch of the imagination but …..) xx