Playing in the rain

Had a fun day with Master today,  business meeting with the girls sharing news and ideas.  Lunch with Master & Mark. I enjoy these times laughing, chatting,  sharing.  Driving home in manic rain Master Brought me to a lovely orgasm twice, my skirt rucked  up, stockings on show,  knickerless after he made me take them off oops. After a conversation this morning I’m up to 10 thrashes with the cane for being cheeky.  I can’t help it,  sometimes it just comes out& sometimes it just has to be said. ..

Lucky Master says he will give them on Monday otherwise I might have to become speechless for a while.

Feeling a little more comfortable about being “3”. Master says  C is ok with things, I do worry I can’t help it….being ñaked in front of both of them is something that crosses my mind but I try not to think about it too much at the moment. …

anyway gonna chill now  xx