Pink flowers on the tree

Its a sunday, i have my chamomile tea in bed & my dog curled up in the crook of my ar. I can see blue sunny skies and pink flowers on the tree in the garden. I have msgd my Master to say Good Morning but he’s having a sleepy one this weekend which he deserves.

So i went shopping yesterday with C which was nice. Lots of chat, laughs and window shopping. I still cant call Master “Sir” in front of her though isnt it daft, i feel really shy about it as if im doing something wrong. We’re meeting up again this coming week so i am determined to get it sorted once & for all. Then we can move on a bit. i did ask if i could be involved or help out in anyway with his birthday but she said well usually we just go out to dinner. i said ok but are we still going to the MBS festival together & she said “oh yes definitely” so thats very positive.

Himself comes back in a couple of weeks & im nervous about hoe the separate rooms are going to go down. i dont want to hurt him as he is a good man he’s always looked out for me financially & said that he loves me but he’s always put everyone especially his ex-wife before me. Can be selfish in his ways & was away far too much. My mum  said that moving to here was actually the worst thing for our relationship if we’d stayed where we were she thinks we would have been ok – maybe….

so he’s back soon, another situation to face up to- somewhen id like to not have to deal with stuff, but then i have been thinking that for a very long time now havent i…..

I cherish those times with Master when i relinquish control to him – when i can just be me, nothing else just S-W, he’s the only one i think to have seen me like that raw & natural, elemental & carnal – wildchild..

The tea is getting cold so thats all for now xx