My Journey

Finally the begining of life...

Little did I know until recently but mydownload journey has always been inside me and has shown “herself”  from time to time as desires and needs both in thought and even physically… I’ve known for a long time that I need a strong man in my life but only recently have I realised that I needed a strong man in mind and spirit not just physically strong as those seem to be rather brutish and bullies only taking their pleasure from me, giving nothing in return. I need to feel cherished as I offer my body to another for their sole pleasure and within their “use” I gain immense pleasure and satisfaction – this has only just been learnt!

The journey that has produced this site is into myself so I might learn about myself as a person, my needs and desire as well as what is possible within my future. I’ve met a man that seems to be able to see into my very soul but also can touch it with his thoughts like no others has ever come close to doing! He knew about my inner being that I’ve always kept hidden but he has truly brought her to life and when we are both with him we are as one and are allowed to finally live at peace in the same body…

I’m told Sir will guide me deeper into myself to find who I truly am and then to help me to become comfortable with what we find as well as help me grow in every way into “all I can be!” Nobody has ever said the things Sir says to me and I can truly feel him inside my head and thoughts which is truly wonderful.

Submissive background 02 small 03Sir has told me that he will never physically or mentally hurt me more that I need which was scary but so so exciting to hear – I know I need to trust enough to be pushed past what I think are my limits where pain is concerned and that trust is there with Sir and so I offer myself to his will – “gulp” did I just say that – “yes I did”

This Chapter in My Journey has just begun and part of my learning about myself is to show myself as I am on this site to help me truly understand the thoughts I have and how they are part of me – Thank you Sir for being there for me! xx