No Trousers!!

Our first real day (part one)

Driving to see Sir, meeting him at his place for the first time I am so excited to see him again I’m wet before I even get out of my driveway.

When I drive up the lane to his house he’s waiting for me which makes me feel good.  I reverse my car into the parking space and he opens the door for me and kisses me hello.  He then raises his eyes at the harem trousers I’m wearing – noted he really doesn’t like me in trousers - Sir then proceeds to strip them and my panties off of me so I’m standing there naked from the waist down.

Still outside by the parked car in full view of the lane and surrounding fields I’m feeling slightly vulnerable but excited, and then Sir tells me I am only allowed to cum today when his cock is inside me.  I’m so hungry for him to be inside of me and finally he bends me over so that I’m hanging onto the car seat as he enters me from behind.  As his cock drives into me I feel like I’m going to pass out he fills me up so completely.  As he starts to thrust I am almost cumming already, I cry out with the pleasure of it as I know no-one is around to hear and to tell the truth even if they are I don’t care.  Sir tells me I have permission to orgasm and I scream out loud as finally I cum, my pussy is throbbing and clenching so wildly I could cry.  As I slowly calm down a little Sir holds me close.

I can’t help but grin like the Cheshire cat….