Flogged & Whipped!

Our first real day (part three)

Sir shows me what I think is called a flogger and then proceeds to initiate me in what it is used for, first he gently strokes my back, bottom, and breasts with it.  His strokes get harder and harder and eventually he is whipping my backside, it stings but I find myself liking it, that first lick of pain followed by a flood of desire between my legs. I feel a little guilty about this even though I know I’m being true to myself by choosing to let Sir do this to me.  Sir then takes me again flat on my back on the edge of the table, legs over his shoulders, and again from behind until I’m so dizzy I can’t stand up my legs are so weak, I’m panting and so sensitive and sore in my pussy and so goddam horny I’ve got tears in my eyes.

Sir supports me and helps me to calm down again.  Then he lets me taste him (again), I love the feel of his cock filling my mouth and pressing on the back of my throat I want to take him deep into me – everywhere.  He has a sweet, slightly salty taste and I want to lick the tip of his cock and slip my tongue into the slit so I can taste him again.  I want to please him so much and hope that I’m not too unexperienced in this.

Sir lifts me to my feet and takes me to bed – somewhere soft where he takes me and holds me and talks with me.  We laugh too which is so great.

Thank you Sir for a truly memorable day and start of my journey.