Our first real day (part two)

Sir tells me to leave my clothes on the front seat of the car as I won’t need them and produces a soft black cloth and proceeds to blindfold me.  Sir brings my arms behind my back and cuffs me at the wrists; he guides me into the garden and inside the house.

Inside the house he bends me forwards onto a table covered in a soft material – at least I think it’s a table.  He raises my arms above my head and I can hear soft clicks as he fastens me to something.  Sir tells me to open my legs wide and gently starts to insert something hard cool and solid inside my bottom, it’s slightly uncomfortable and burns a little – I don’t know what this is – but it also starts a tingling sensation in my pussy.  The ‘thing’ doesn’t get very far inside me before Sir removes it, he then enters me from behind and takes me over and over again until I’m crying out loud, moaning and growling as his cock drives in and out of my soaking wet pussy, it’s almost too much for me to handle… as I cum Sir withdraws and hold me close.  Almost as soon as we finish I want him inside me again, this time he enters my bottom and I experience my very first anal sex.  Different sensations pleasurable, nervousness and lust go through me as he guides me on this new experience.

It surprises me how much I am enjoying this and the way it is sending such darts of pleasure to my nipples and clitoris.