About me

Finding the real me

I’m a 40-something girl that seems to finally be finding out who she is and who wants to be allowed to live as that person…

I think I’m quite a self-contained person but I’ve never totally fitted in with society, with its views on life itself.  I know that there is more to me than any set structure can ever encompass and even though my upbringing taught me the freedom of life I have always been governed and ruled by the “main stream” life model.

As a child I believed that I cam from somewhere other than this world and felt an affinity with the universe.  As I grew up I gained the nckname of “Tabitha” and although not strictly a witch I do believe in the earth, its ways as well as the healing power of it!

Some would say like everyone I’ve made mistakes, but are we not formed from these so how can they be true mistakes – however I have bruised and bled as I’ve become who I am,  but I have also loved and cared! There is a saying we are what we eat but I also think we are what we have lived and experienced and that we continue to look for what we need even when we're not really sure what that is! I think I’ve known for a long time that what I seek isn’t what most people seek; I think I’ve known I’ve needed discipline and control in my life for a long time. Recently I’ve begun to understand that all I’ve tasted so far has been either one sided or without the caring that is needed to make me whole. Because I’d never felt the caring I chose to hide this side of myself so as not to get hurt again as I have been before.  However, when one meets someone that actually tells you that you are hiding from yourself and seems to know and understand what you are hiding from and even why, one tends to listen and open their mind again to the possibilities as I have!!

This site is written for me to begin to understand the long hidden me, the journey into myself this man is showing me will allow me to finally be true to myself without guilt or judgement and for that I thank him!